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We plan to refurbish our lovely but ageing home, upgrading its rooms and facilities to support many future years of ministry. We would love you to consider supporting this appeal.

If you prefer, you can set up a standing order with your bank, or contact us about donating via another method. Let us know if you’d like us to start or stop claiming Gift Aid on your donations.

Read on to find out more about the plans.

A centre founded on faith

Over 60 years ago, Ruth Hainsworth answered the call of God to set up a Christian centre of healing following her own healing at other Christian healing centres in the UK. The centre was founded on faith and we continue to live and serve by faith today. Every week we see the impact that having time away to pray, rest and reflect has on our guests.

God has reminded me that who I am is not tied up in what I do but in who God created me to be and His promises over me. He has taught me to work from a place of rest and find my security in Him.

A recent guest

People go away with new hope, strength and determination to serve God, love their families and in the workplace be living evidence of their faith in God. The transformation is incredible. We see this in all age groups ranging from those in their 90s to students coming with a local church. However we recognise that there is potential for even more.

Offered me a place to slow down, to recharge my life in His presence. To engage with the joys of creation in the wonderful surroundings. Just to be!

Our plans

We plan to add a conference room so that we can better resource local churches, charities and leaders needing to meet together, without this impacting our resident guests. We will upgrade bedrooms and facilities so they are equipped for future years of ministry along with other essential refurbishment works. The look and feel of the centre will be enhanced to encourage people of all generations to take time out to encounter God.

Infinitely more than I could ever have hoped for!

Support the appeal

If you know the value of ‘time and space’ with God in a ‘thin’ place, and feel a prompting to help transform lives, then please click the button below to contribute, or contact Centre Director Mark Strand on 01202 764776.