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He Restores My Soul

25–29 November 2024 (Mon–Fri)

Dr Angela Walker

‘He makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me besides quiet waters, He restores my soul!’(Psalm 23). This retreat is an opportunity to come and rest in God’s presence, encounter His love and allow Him to minister to your heart and restore your soul. Come with an open heart to receive healing and freedom to your innermost being, as you engage in His presence. Led by Dr Angela Walker, teaching and corporate ministry includes: ‘Unblocking Hearts’, ‘Hearing God’, ‘Encountering Jesus in Trauma’, ‘Healing through Forgiveness’, ‘Cleansing the Blood-Line’, ‘Dealing with Grief and Ungodly Soul-Ties’, ‘Overcoming Fears’ and ‘Encountering the Father’s Heart’. Angela is the Founder of THEO Ministries and author of a series of books on healing. For more information visit