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What is a retreat?

People used to go away and retreat often only a few years ago, but we’re doing it less and less as life gets faster and busier. God is everywhere you go and you can meet with Him in any time and place, however a retreat is a great way to intentionally spend quality time with God, away from the fast pace and distractions of life. It’s time to give God our absolute undivided attention – something that is hard in this day and age. Whether you are coming to us in the midst of a struggle, or you just want time to reconnect, we have people around to support and encourage you.

Why should I retreat?

So why is it relevant to you? Whatever place you are in with God, whether you are seeing Him move in your life or you are in a time where you feel far from Him, removing yourself from the stress of life to spend time with your Father is so important. Jesus made a priority of it when He was on the earth.

A retreat can come in lots of different ways, you can just come and relax and spend time praying, reading, pondering and just being with God. Or you can book on to a retreat that is about a specific subject or topic that might be relevant to you.

Retreats at The Greenhouse Christian Centre

You can choose to come on a focused retreat or just to enjoy time and space.

Focused (or ‘led’) retreats on a specific topic or theme are led by speakers who are experts in their field. There is space within the retreat for both learning and reflection. When a retreat does not have exclusive use of the house, others are welcome to stay without joining in the retreat itself. Most retreats run from Monday to Friday or Friday to Sunday and some are open to day visitors.

We also set aside Time and Space in our programme for individual personal retreat for those over 18 years old. The house is kept quieter in order to provide an environment more conducive to reflection and there are opportunities for worship and healing prayer. Individuals, couples or small groups are most welcome at this time. Our Reflective Days and Healing Services are held during Time and Space.